Plant groundcovers that have a spreading nature.

Plant bulbs that multiply and dig them up and divide them.

Save and recycle plant containers. Use them to plant new seeds,put them in a sunny location and watch them grow into new plants to add to your garden.

Frequent nurseries and buy plants that are on clearance. Be sure to look at the roots to make sure they are not root bound.

Use perrenial plants in your garden that come back year after year.

Bienniel plants reseed themselves. Look for these at you local nursery.

Look for pots at the nursery with more than one plant and divide them.

Use crushed eggshells around your tomato plants to fertilize.

Buy your own hanging baskets, plant yourself and reuse each year.

Swap plants with family, friends and neighbors.

Look for garden ornaments at garage sales and resale shops.

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