In Central Texas you can grow something edible every month of the year. Although, you do need to remember that spring and fall gardening seasons in Texas do not last very long. Sudden winter frosts and summer heat can cause many crops to stop providing. Choose varieties that grow well in your area. Planting them at the proper time is essential to success. Some people do not have a large area for a garden. Gardens can be planted in a variety of spaces; they can be tucked into an existing flowerbed and containers can be used to grow most vegetables, provided the container you use is large enough. Containers even allow people in a condo or apartment to grow vegetables. A container garden could even be grown on the roof. You could create raised bed that’s bordered with stone or wood in your backyard or fit it into another location. Most people grow common vegetables such as okra, tomatoes, squash, carrots, brussel sprouts, corn and broccoli. In addition to these vegetables, there are other species from other parts of the world to choose from. Most gardens tend toward the traditional vegetables. Experiment with and try vegetables you’ve never heard of. You may find a new favorite when you do. Vegetable gardening can be relaxing, fun and beneficial exercise. You’ll also benefit from the fruits of your labor by having fresh vegetables at your table. You'll be surprised when you take the time out time of your busy lifestyle to garden. It's an excellent way to loosen up and unwind.