Catnip:  Hardy; sun or shade. You can plant by seed or division. Use leaves for soothing tea.

Chives & Garlic Chives: You can plant by seed or division and should divide when overcrowded.
Lemon Verbena: Tender perennial; propagate from cuttings. Sun or partial shade. Strong lemon scent. Used in teas or in potpourri
Mints:  Grow from cuttings or division. Sun or partial shade. Aromatic; used as flavoring.

Oregano: Grow from seed, cuttings, or division. Sun. Flavoring for tomato/pasta dishes.
Rosemary:  Grows in well-drained nonacid soil from cuttings. Sun. Leaves flavor sauces, poultry, soups. Good for meats, rice. Grown as topiary, and bonsai.
Sage:  From seed or cuttings. Sun. Used for seasoning meats, great on pork and also used in herbal teas.
Thyme: Light soil, well-drained. Cutting or division. Sun. Aromatic foliage for seasoning. Varieties include lemon, orange, and wooly.

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