Butterlies love sunny areas and plants such as Lantana, Butterfly Bush, Marigold, Butterfly Weed, Salvia, Cosmos, Dianthus, Rosemary, Honeysuckle Vine, Wisteria Vine and Passion Flower Vines, and Parsley, to name a few.  Do not use insecticides on these plants because you will defeat your purpose.  A combination of these plants will provide food and nectar. Additionally, you can welcome butterflies by providing water in a pot saucer with about an inch of sand and then add pebbles. The butterfly in the picture is a Tiger Swallowtail. You will benefit from attracting butterflies to your garden in that they will fly from one plant to the other for nectar and the pollen will stick to them and they will unintentionally fertilize your flowers and crops. Watching butterflies flutter by and trying to identify them is just another way for you to enjoy you and your family to enjoy your garden.

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