These plants stood up to the Texas drought this summer in my garden! Lantanas: They've come back with an abundance of flowers! This is my favorite plant and I highly recommend it for your Texas garden. They come in a variety of colors and outshine any plant I have. They bloom from spring to the first freeze. Knockout Roses: These disease resistant roses are resilient with green foliage in winter and a must have in any Texas garden. Bearded Irises: Rhizomes that bloom in the Spring. Their foliage add color and interest all year long.Crepe Myrtle: A beautiful shrub that comes in many colors and many sizes. Salvia commonly referred to as Sage: Come in a large variety of plants which belong to the mint family. The list is endless with up to 700-900 species of shrubs, herbaceous perrenials, and annuals to choose from.

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