If you’d like to try growing an unusual fruit crop that’s delicious and nearly trouble free, consider figs. These trees will grow well unprotected in Zones 8–10, and also in colder areas if you choose hardier cultivars or give plants proper winter protection. Selecting trees: More than 200 fig cultivars are grown in North America, with a broad range of fruit shapes and colors. It’s important to select a cultivar adapted to your climate, such as ‘Brown Turkey’, ‘Chicago’, or ‘Celeste’ for colder areas. Also look for self-pollinating cultivars, as some figs are pollinated by tiny, specialized flies native to the Mediterranean and won’t set fruit without them. (Reputable U.S. nurseries sell only self-pollinating figs.) Planting and care: Plant trees as you would any young tree. Figs need a sunny spot that’s protected from winter winds. Mulch trees well with compost, and apply foliar sprays of seaweed extract at least once a month during the growing season.  Go to this link for more information:

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