With summer rapidly approaching, now is the time to consider water conservation. Most places face water shortages and have water restrictions. Summer is the critical period when trees and plants require more water. As populations continue to grow, more water shortages will occur.  As they should, more cities are beginning to monitor and restrict water waste. Water preservation is economical and environmentally friendly.

You can conserve water in your garden or yard by:
  • Installing a rain barrel;
  • Grouping plants together based on their individual water need;
  • Planting drought tolerant and native plants;
  • Reusing water used in the household, such as diverting the water from your rinse cycle from the washing machine into a barrell and using the dish rinse water. 
  • Using drip hoses; and
  • Setting your lawnmower blade at 3 inches.
Conserving water and improving our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Please do your part. If you have other methods of conserving water, please leave a comment and I will add it to this post.

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