Attracting birds to your garden can be fun and will provide vast opportunities to watch and enjoy birds in your garden. To attract birds you need to provide water, food and shelter.

Water: Provide water by adding a fountain, birdbath or pond to your garden. There are all types available at your local nursery or garden store. It's just a matter of preference.

Food: Hyssop, Anise Hyssop, Comfrey, Rosemary, and Catmint will attract hummingbirds. Trumpet shaped plants will also attract hummingbirds. You can attract other birds with berries by planting Chokeberry Mulberry, Serviceberry and Elderberry bushes. Flowers such as Cosmos and Sunflowers also provide seeds for birds. Dogwood trees also provide berries that attract bluebirds. Feeders such as hummingbird feeders, finch feeders and birdseed feeders also provide food for birds.

Shelter: Thistle and milkweed contain materials that birds use to make their nests. I also use hanging baskets made with natural materials that birds get building materials from. You can also provide birdhouses for them to nest in and plant trees and bushes.

I enjoy sitting outside and listening to and watching the birds. It's very relaxing. I recommend that you listen to the birds sing.

The below link is an interesting video of a Cardinal feeding its babies.

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